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New Story & Art by ah-bagels!!
Actually a fairly close representation to a true story. Except no barging in. Lucky me right?

They had been at the zoo all day, and just like it was Mommy’s idea to go in the first place, it was also her idea to put Crash in a diaper.
Now it’s late, the park might even be closing soon, but Crash does not want to ride home in a cold, sopping wet diaper. After some minor begging on Crash’s part, Mommy steers them into the nearest family bathroom.
She first helps Crash out of his shorts and then gets him set up on the changing table. “Careful, baby,” she puts a steadying hand on the table when Crash wiggles his hips, impatient to be out of the soggy padding. Mommy starts slow, pulling each tape off with precise care. He whines, shifting on the table again. “Patience. It hasn’t even been two seconds–” Keys rattle at the door. Crash and Mommy both still in shock.
A man in a green worker’s vest and hat first slouches through the doorway, then stiffens when he looks up from his cleaning supplies. His eyes fall right to the undone diaper under a blushing Crash, and he immediately turns around with a gruff apology before slamming the door behind him. Mommy and Crash hear a weak “the park closed ten minutes ago” from the other side. They stare at each other in mortification. Crash curls in on himself, hiding his beet red face in his hands.
“Oh my god. That did not just happen.”
Mommy sympathetically rubs circles on his back. “It’s ok, he doesn’t even know us.” When Crash continues to whimper in embarrassment, she brushes his hair to the side and pries one of his hands away from his face, giving it a small kiss. “At least let me get you changed for now, you’ll feel better afterwards, alright?”
He nods slowly, sniffling and wiping away at a stray tear. Mommy works quickly this time, efficiently discarding the used diaper and replacing it with a soft fresh one. Before Crash knows it, she’s patting down the tapes and pressing a kiss to each one before kissing his forehead as well.
“There. Better?”
“A little, yeah,” he gives her a small watery smile and takes her hand. “Let’s go home.”

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